FreshPak leads the way with our mission of sustainability and responsibility to the environment. FreshPak is one of the world’s largest plastic recyclers, annually reprocessing 50 million pounds of plastic waste into high-quality products that help companies drastically reduce their carbon footprint.

Our patented Eco-Sheet™ Plastic Slip Sheets are the flagship product in the sustainable material handling industry. Eco-Sheets™ are a sustainable, cost saving replacement for wood pallets in distribution.

  • Eco-Sheets™ are the greenest pallet alternative: made with recycled post consumer plastic waste and 100% recyclable
  • 2 pound slip sheet vs. a 65 pound wood pallet significantly reduces packing weight
  • Eco-Sheets™ are proven to reduce transportation costs by an average of 25% and significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions
  • Unlike traditional wood pallets, Eco-Sheets™ are hygienic and resistant to moisture, pathogens, bacteria, fungus and successfully repel insects and rodents
  • Switching to Eco-Sheets™ eliminates the use of wasteful wood pallets that contribute to worldwide deforestation and carbon dioxide