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Press Release

Fresh-Pak Introduces Eco-SheetTM 2000 Series Anti-Skid Plastic Slip Sheets

Product Significantly Reduces Damage Potential for Food and Pharma Industries

Houston, TX (July 21, 2008) – Fresh-Pak announces the introduction of the Eco-Sheet 2000 Series of Plastic Slip Sheets. These new sheets have a high anti-skid surface that allows the products being held to remain motionless during transit, thus reducing the potential for economically costly, and environmentally wasteful, damage.

The patent pending, high co-efficient of friction (COF) surface that helps hold loads motionless has other advantages: It guards against fungus and bacteria while repelling water. This increased level of product protection provides an additional dimension of economic and environmental cost savings, especially for industries such as food or pharmaceuticals.

According to John Bazbaz, President of Fresh Pak, “The new Eco-Sheet 2000 anti-skid series provides functional and cost-saving advantages not available with fiber or corrugated sheets, and thanks to our new process, better than what other plastic slip sheets can provide. Coupled with the fact that Eco-Sheet slip sheets cost less than competitive products, are made from recycled plastic, are both reusable and recyclable and increase transportation efficiency, the benefits are impossible to beat.”

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Fresh-Pak Corporation is a leading manufacturer of polyethylene and polypropylene extruded sheet products for the food, beverage, agricultural, electronics, building materials, chemical, and retail industries. The company has offices in the United States, Mexico, and Asia.