Plastic Slip Sheets

Eco-Sheet™ Plastic Slip Sheets are a cost-saving, sustainable and recyclable replacement for wood pallets. Eco-Sheets are manufactured from recycled polyethylene resin and are designed to seamlessly replace traditional wood pallets throughout the supply chain.


  • Unlike traditional wood pallets, Eco-Sheets™ are hygienic and resistant to moisture, pathogens, bacteria, fungus and successfully repel insects and rodents
  • FDA approved
  • High tensile strength (pull resistance)
  • High co-efficient of friction (non-slip surface)
  • One way or multiple use
  • Maintenance free



Warehouse & Transportation

  • 25% truck, container cube optimization
  • Proven to reduce transportation costs by 25%
  • 2lb Eco-Sheet™ versus a 65lb wood pallet
  • Warehouse Optimization 1:80


  • Eco-Sheets™ are the greenest pallet alternative: made with recycled post consumer plastic waste
  • 100% recyclable
  • Using Eco-Sheets™ significantly reduces packing weight: wood pallets are 32x heavier than Eco-Sheet™ Plastic Slip Sheets
  • Eco-Sheets™ are proven to reduce transportation costs by an average of 25% and significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions
  • Switching to Eco-Sheets™ eliminates the use of wasteful wood pallets that contribute to worldwide deforestation and carbon dioxide

Product Cost

  • 10% of the cost of wood pallets: $1.25 avg. per Eco-Sheet™ vs. $10 avg. per wood pallet
  • No wood disposal or maintenance fees
  • Eliminate costly wood certification and treatment

Eco-Sheet™ vs. other plastic slip sheets

Eco-Sheet™ plastic slip sheets are manufactured from Recycled Polyethylene resin and are designed for pallet less material handling. Eco-Sheets™ plastic slip sheet provide solutions that improve the economic and environmental sustainability of transporting products throughout the supply chain.

Eco-Sheet™ plastic slip sheets patent pending design enables the sheet to pull more load weight with a lighter slip sheet than other traditional plastic slip sheets. In comparison to a traditional plastic slip sheet the Eco-Sheet™ is manufactured using

7 -10 % less plastic materials thus adhering with Sustainable packaging directives.


Eco-Sheet™ vs. Paper/Fiber slip sheets

Eco-Sheet™ plastic slip sheets present high performance benefits over corrugated and fiber slip sheet predecessors. Eco-Sheet™ plastic slip sheets are ideal for use in dry, freezer, refrigerated, and wet environments without breaking down. In addition, Eco-Sheet™ plastic slip sheets provide twice the pull strength and coefficient of friction compared to other types of slip sheets…read more advantages over fiber slip sheets PDF


Recommended Sheet Thickness per Load Weight

Dry / Cold Storage Goods
Sheet Thickness Load Weight
.016” 1876 lbs.
.018” 2111 lbs.
.020” 2346 lbs.
.023” 2698 lbs.
.025” 2933 lbs.
.027” 3167 lbs.
.030” 3519 lbs.
.035” 4105 lbs.
Freezer Storage Goods
Sheet Thickness Load Weight
.016” 1568 lbs.
.018” 1764 lbs.
.020” 1960 lbs.
.023” 2255 lbs.
.025” 2450 lbs.
.027” 2647 lbs.
.030” 2940 lbs.
.035” 3430 lbs.


Converting from traditional pallets to slip sheet handling requires a push pull attachment that mounts on any existing fork lift. The one time low cost capital expense for a push pull attachment is quickly recovered due to the significant savings realized by using Eco-Sheets™ plastic slip sheets… cost comparison savings PDF